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Meet 'Patrick', our Special Edition green real sheepskin Sheep in honour of our national day 17th March, St. Patrick's Day. 


The Atlantic Collection our most luxurious Sheep. Each of our Sheep are individually hand crafted and finished in our workshop in the heart of Galway's Medieval Latin Quarter.


All of The Sheep are different, unique to the Sheepskin used.



The Sheep - Medium 

Available Standing, Looking, Eating, Rocking, Rolling


Medium Standing, Looking, Eating 

Dimensions: L60cm x  H55cm x 35cm

Weight: 5.5kg - 6.5kg (Packaged)

Medium Rocking 

Dimensions: L75cm x  H65cm x W35cm

Weight: 6.5kg - 7kg (Packaged)

Medium Rolling

Dimensions: L60cm x  H55cm x W35cm

Weight: 6kg - 6.5kg (Packaged)

The Sheep - Atlantic Collection - Patrick